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Trawling the murky waters of forgotten canals.

A thick fog rolls heavy and opaque,
electric blue skeletal flash of bones.

Discharging arcs from iridescent toothed fish.

Heady aroma of mating season.

Sperm washed up and dried out on the shale,
creating insane patterns in a forgotten alphabet.

Primitive language of our ancestors.

Hermaphrodite avians flock to the shores,
inoculating each other's cloaca in a mass ritual orgy.

Eons of genetic mutation condensed into minutes.

Flailing wet malformed hexapoda writhe in ekstasis.

Brittle exoskeletons grinding against the rock,
pink translucent web of replicating veins and tendons.

Saprophytes descend on the defenseless mass in mid chrysalis,
their fungal tendrils enter the circuitation.

Re-writing neural codes and connections.

Senescent agents of control spread out across the aether.

Passing through all ekpyrotic singularities.

They are the first and will be the last.


from Entheognosis, released July 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Plasmodium Melbourne, Australia

Undulating Psychedelic Darkness.

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